Sunday, March 1, 2015

January 2015 Adventures

Taking a moment with Sister Fuamatu before she departs for home. What a good missionary she was!
Elder Parker (good ole Idaho Boy) came to skype his family on Christmas.  Elders Shabalala and Parker were happy to stay for a home-cooked Christmas dinner.
Timothy and the garden boy next door are harvesting the avocados in the trees in our compound.  I laughed at them and told them they made me think of the monkeys in the trees.  They thought that was pretty funny.
We had a delightful visit with brand new branch president, Henry Safeli and his wife Peggy.  His branch is also a new one just created.  The branch is in good hands!
We got quite the chuckle out of this store.  They sell cement and Mealie Meal.  Guess they figure they are kind of related!
Everywhere we go in both countries we sell little stands of produce along the road or maybe just pots of produce sitting out beside the road.  These are containers of the bumper crop of mangoes as we traveled to the Copperbelt.
By January the rains had begun and it was so refreshing to see everything so green and beautiful after a very dry season.  This was taken while traveling to Luanshya in the Copperbelt.

                            The rains also brought an abundant crop of mushrooms growing everywhere in the forest.  There are many different varieties and it was fun to see many little stands along the roads with people selling the mushrooms they had gathered.  We didn't buy them as we were told that the ones on the street are so full of sand that it is difficult to get them clean but we enjoyed seeing the many kinds there were.                              

There are so many termite and ant hills everywhere.  The are just amazing to see and to imagine how long it took to build these.
These goats just seemed to think the road made a nice bed.  As we approached, they got up and slowly sauntered off the road.  Kind of made us feel right at home!
The kids don't have toys so they just find whatever they can.  They love tires and will chase them down the roadways.  As we watched these boys one even came with an empty paint roller and that was his "wheels" to roll to join with the boys rolling the tires.

An exciting day when we had our official opening of the Self Reliance Center in Lusaka.  Pictured are: Moses, Davies, Jackson.

On the drive to Malawi, Elder Bingham saw the sign for the Seventh Day Adventist Church and stopped to photograph their church.
Benches for the congregation.
Elders Mwangi and Barnard joined us for dinner at the Protea in Blantyre just before we left to return to Lusaka and Elder Barnard was finishing his mission and going home to Idaho and back to the ranch.  Both were fantastic missionaries.