Thursday, April 2, 2015

Livingstone & Victoria Falls 2015

Jill stops to pose in front of the stature honoring the famous explorer, Stanley Livingstone, whom the town is named after.
 Jill, Eric, and Elder Bingham stop to take in the view at the Falls.  It is a gorgeous site.
 This part of the walkway was just like a rainforest and it was beautiful, humid but beautiful.
 The entire Victoria Falls is over a mile wide, half on the Zimbabwe side and the other on the Zambia side.  Each side gives a different view, but both are spectacular especially during the rainy season when so much water is going over the Falls.
 Looking at the bridge in the background.  There is even bungee jumping from that area.  I chose not to partake of that sport! 

 Elder & Sister Bingham
 During certain times of the day, a full rainbow can be seen at the Falls. 
We didn't realize that we would need raincoats but thankfully Jill brought us each a rain poncho and we did need them.  The spray from the Falls is so powerful it just poured on us as we walked along the walkways.

 Crossing the canyon

 We hiked around to the top of the Falls and just beyond Sharon and Jill is the very edge of the Falls.  When there isn't as much water going over, people can walk across the top of the Falls and swim on an island there.  This time there was too much water to make it across.
 Top of Victoria Falls

The Zambezi is a mighty river and covers a lot of area.  In many places it is very rugged.  We love seeing it and having Jill and Eric there with us.